I have a range of experience, both at work and in my personal projects. You can see this in the selection of projects below:

Dall-e Image Generator (Single Page Application)

Stack: Python, Django (websocket), Vue.js, MySQL, AWS EC2, Route 53, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript

I have a large collections of books and I created a database of quotes that I like from each of them. Using these, I have created an image generator that will create an image based on the quote and a randomized 'salt' that will create a unique picture each time.

Things I am proud of:
- Dynamic search bar was fun to create from scratch
- Websocket sending and receiving was a new way to view backend processing with Django.
- Error handling for each possible failure.

Japanese Bachelor Calculator

Stack: HTML/CSS and Bootstrap, Python (Django), Javascript (Vue.js) AWS EC2 (Ubuntu), MySQL, Route53, Nginx, certbot, supervisor

I enjoy looking at stastical data and demographic breakdowns. With my experience in Japanese national statistics, I have created a calculator that can show the percentage of men that exist in Japan, given the entered conditions.

Things I am proud of:
- DB Design and Queries: It was fun to consider how to structure a database to easily query the data that I need. I learned a lot of the small hiccups that occur over combining dozens of data points into a final calculation.
- It was a ambitious project that included Django and Vue.js, DB management, Japanese language and statistics.

Portfolio Website

Stack: HTML/CSS and Bootstrap, Python (Flask), AWS EC2 (Ubuntu), Route53, Photoshop, Nginx, certbot, supervisor

I built this portfolio website from the ground up; the overall design, the front-end coding, the server hosting, and the domain routing. This was a great chance for me to display my creative and technical ability.

Things I am proud of:
- This is a good representation of myself and my overall skills.
- Design: The design is clear and clean.

- Design: The first version looked acceptable but I eventually changed the design to be solid and consistent so that I can easily update and add new projects each time.
- EC2 Server Management: I have had the experience of hosting websites on an EC2 server before, but dynamically routing to multiple different domains, setting certs, etc for 3 flask apps on the same server was a new challenge.

Article Api

Stack: HTML/CSS and Bootstrap, Python (Flask, Pandas, JSONify), AWS EC2 (Ubuntu), Route53, Nginx, certbot, supervisor

As a result of a previous project (web scraping), I have CSVs of the website that I sometimes use for fun Japanese study.

Things I am proud of:
Search function: I created back-end logic that will take several keywords from a form input, search the pandas dataframe and generate a dynamic list of results that include those words. It was a fun exercise that included a little of everything.

AWS Practice Exam

Stack: HTML/CSS and Bootstrap, Python (Flask, Pandas, Flask-SQLAlchemy), AWS EC2 (Ubuntu), Route53, Nginx, certbot, supervisor

I wanted to practice my flask backend skills. For this I used some of my AWS practice exam sheets to generate a dynamic test application with the content, which can check for correct answers and generate a final score.

- Problems with variables across worker nodes: I had to do a lot of troubleshooting as to why the score wasn't being recorded when hosting online. I later found that some variables changes are not always consistent across worker nodes. For this, I had to use Flask-SQLAlchemy DB to ensure consistency.

SNS Account DB

Stack: HTML/CSS and Bootstrap, Python (PyQT6, SQLite3)

A GUI for adding/searchng/deleting SNS account info (name, email, password, etc)

Things I am proud of:
Creating a practical GUI that I can imagine seeing in being used in the real-world.

- There are a lot of UI/UX elements that I didn't consider initially (error messages, managing bad inputs etc)